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History of a company which offers vocational training

The foundry has existed for over 80 years. After first being privately run, it became a state-run enterprise under the German Democratic Republic in 1972. After reunification, the foundry manager disassociated the company from the former East German Trust Agency. He rebuilt the company and continued the long foundry tradition still in operation today.

In 2000, LMG Aue moved into the new company premises in the Aue-Alberoda industrial zone.

History - some impressions

Chronological events
  • 1924

    Founded in Auerhammer Straße in Aue by Emil Flemming and his son Paul.

  • 1939

    With the war come armament contracts including oil sumps for Junkers aircraft. Both light and heavy metal are cast.

  • 1945

    Production changes at the end of the war. The company mainly produces necessities for the population (i.e. pots, pans etc.), but also small quantities for the slowly growing industry.

  • 1972

    The foundry becomes a state-run enterprise (compulsory expropriation) under the Chemnitz Economic Council. The main share of production is destined for East German industry (Wismut, Heckert etc.). A small part of the production capacity is for military products (parts for speed boats).

    The 1970s see the successful introduction of magnesium casting.

  • 1990

    Company taken over by the East German Trust agency. It is now called Leichtmetallguß GmbH Aue.

  • 1992

    Foundation of a GmbH by the then manager. Renamed LMG Leichtmetallguss GmbH Aue.

  • 2000

    Move to the new production hall (3,500m²) with staff facilities in the new Aue/Alberoda industrial zone.

  • 2004 & 2008

    Construction of other production and warehouse facilities.

  • 2015

    Takeover of the GmbH by an investor.

    Renamed to "IKAR LMG Gusstechnik GmbH"

    Entry into the die-casting technology.