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Our services

We offer cast parts more
than just that last polish

The work is far from over once casting has been completed. To ensure that your product does not just have the right shape, but also the required appearance, we offer different services to fulfil your expectations.

Fettling shop

After removal from the mould, the cast parts are sent to the fettling shop to be freed of moulding and core sand. The sprue and feeder system is removed and sanded down. The castings are then polished according to customer requirements. Subsequent processing steps (e.g. CNC machining) and finished product specifications are taken into account here. The cast parts can finally be removed of the last remaining sand grains in our blasting cubicle, which produces a particularly even, fine surface result.

Subsequent processing

  • Heat treatment
    • Ageing treatment
    • Truing
  • Impregnation
  • Colouring
    • Powder coating
    • Anodising
  • Hard coating (hard anodised aluminium)
  • Mechanical machining
    • CNC technology
    • Lathing, drilling, milling, grinding