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Our services

Finding the right mould for your products – that is our passion

We select the most suitable mould manufacturing process according to the specific product requirements. This production step is treated with the greatest possible care.

  • Hand moulding shop / Hand casting
  • Gravity die casting
  • Machine casting
  • Core-making shop

Hand moulding shop / Hand casting

  • Single parts and prototypes 
  • Up to 2 x 3m box size 
  • Other box sizes on request 
  • Weight up to 1,200kg 
  • Complex parts with many cores 
  • Many years experience in the processing of inserts 
  • Use of oil sand possible for particularly smooth surfaces 

Gravity die casting

  • Permanent mould for up to approx. 20,000 casting processes, extremely dependent on mould material, casting metal and shape of part 
  • Highly productive process 
  • Fine-grained and close-grained structure 
  • Cast parts of high dimensional accuracy and with a very good surface quality (little mechanical finishing)
  • Inserts of different materials (e.g. grey cast-iron, steel, red bronze)
  • Unit weight up to 25kg

Machine casting

  • Moulding material is automatically compressed and separated from the pattern
  • Machine is supplied by a modern moulding-material preparation device
  • Inserts of different materials (e.g. grey cast-iron, steel, red bronze)
  • Use of oil sand possible for particularly smooth surfaces
    • semi-automatic moulding machines
      • medium to large quantities
      • precise shape with high surface quality
      • weight up to 150kg
      • box size: 860 x 750mm, box height: 150/300/450mm
    • mechanical moulding machines
      • flexibility through fast change-over of pattern plates
      • small to medium quantities
      • environmentally-compatible natural sand moulding process
      • box size: 500 x 630mm/360 x 450mm
max.Gussgewicht  5,0kg


  • Max. mold plate clamping size 1200x1200
  • Max. cast weight 5.0kg

Core-making shop

  • CO2 core-making process (environmentally-compatible process) 
  • 2 x core shooters
  • Manual production of large and complex cores